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Welcome to the Neocloud RGP if you dont know what RPG means it means Roll Playing Game.Please read the rules before chosing a character and fighting. Becuase when you are in the battle room i am not telling how to do it.

Neocloud RPG Battle Arena Rules
Well first of all the Neocloud RPG battle arena is not ment for chatting, its ment for Fighting like this : eyrie peck(80hp)to Lenny. Thats what you do and if you beat someone and its ok with me(eyrie) then your attacks will get stronger by 10 and your hp will increase by 5. If you forget just ask me and i'll tell you.  Something else pretty cool is that you can use battledome items like gelert tail armour but you have to ask me(eyrie) for the item you want.  Just e-mail me if I dont e-mail back then try AOL insant messanger my screenname is eyriekingthe2nd. Dont think that you'll be the strongest as soon as you start out you have to train.

Where will you go?
Training room

Characters -
gelert :100hp type neopet attacks : creesent kick(40hp), gelert drool(10hp)
eyrie : 100hp type neopet attacks : eyrie peck(80hp), eyrie claw kick(70hp) (no more left)
krawk : 90hp type neopet attckas : krawk scratch(10hp),Krawk slide(40hp)
Mucharba : 60hp type cloudpet attacks : screem(30hp), hyper kick(90hp)
Pant Devil : 120hp type evil neopet attacks : spooky face(40hp)claw swipe(50hp)
Chia Clown : 70hp spin kick(20hp),tackle(10hp)
Snowager : 650hp icy blast(10hp),roar(5hp)
flaming meerca : 50hp fire tail spin(40hp),deadly flames(80hp)
Lenny : 30hp peck(20hp),Wing attack(50hp)
Kau :80hp headbut(70hp),bite(30hp)
Tombola : 60hp weird shout(40hp),hyper punches(30hp)

Battle in the BattleRoom

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