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submit your poems here and make sure you include you neopets screenname so we can give you the prize.


: Dear lupe why is it only chias that you chase?
Is it that you seem to like their taste?
You should stop for chia only wants to be friends
Maybe if you talked you 2 could tie up some loose ends!
from gelerts_r_kool

by eyrieking and some creddit by neocatqueen/gelerts_r _kool

Glimmers for bruces shine in twirls
Glimmers for eyries twist in swirls
All through the night
the glimmers of light
Shines so proud
Through the neocloud
from edmlia2

: Every day I play with my neo's
One's named Corry, the other Leo,
They eat, drink, and other sorts,
Play with toys, from the store clirk,
This poem of neos must come to an end,
For Corry the korbat is hungry again.

I went to
The Snow Food Shop
To try and buy
A Chia Pop.
Crab Apple, Blue Apple,
Orange & Lime,
I stand in the shop
Waiting for restock time.

Coltzan, Coltzan, will you help me?
My pet's level is quite low, you see.
So I need you to raise it, so I can be proud,
So my pet will feel better about speaking out loud
from gelerts_r_kool

I entered the Haunted Woods,
At 3:00 in the afternoon.
Then the wind picked up;
It would be dark soon.

I scrambled to the Apothecary
To ask my way around.
Then far off in the distance
Came a hideous sound.

I shrieked, but then,
Slowly crept outside.
I mean, I'm pretty strong,
So there's nothing to hide.

I peeked into the cave
To see a mere puddle of mud.
But then it rose up
And crashed down with a thud.

It cried out," Come closer now,
Young one, and bring me some food!!"
I said, "Sure. Whatever.
If that's what you want, Dude."

The Esophagor roared as I slowly backed away.
But I bumped into something, to my dismay.

As I turned around I saw the Brain Tree.
Eeekkk! It's him! He wants answers from me!

I packed up my bags, I not staying here.
I left because of the spookiness and fear.

Off, off, away, to Faerieland!
With my neopets, hand in hand.

Petpet Puddle and Rainbow Pool,
Take your pet there to make it look cool.
from gelerts_r_kool

Gelerts, with their long ears and tail,
May seem large from afar
But as you get closer you soon see
That their young may fit in a jar.
While to some they may seem vile
To me they are the BEST!
And at my house they are always welcome
If they want to rest.
from Gelerts_r_kool

Coltzan you great king why do you wear that nice diamond ring is it because you want to be king ,you are so brave and strong that I have a song, but wait why do you have a shrine is it because you always whined or because you never paid your fine ,and why do are you a ghost is it because you liked ghosts the most is it because you lived at the coast, why do you like to be nice is it because you because you had lice, so good bye Colzan