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this is how you say the neopets names

Neopet Names

Acara - ack-ah-ra
Aisha - eye-shah
Blumaroo - blue-mah-roo
Bruce - brooce
Buzz - buzz
Chia - chee-ah
Chomby - chom-bee
Cybunny - sigh-bun-ee
Elephante - ellie-fant
Eyrie - ear-ree
Flotsam - flot-sam
Gelert - gell-ert
Grarrl - grahl
Grundo - grun-doh
Jetsam - jet-sam
JubJub - jub-jub
Kacheek - ka-cheek
Kau - cow
Kiko - kee-koh
Koi - coy
Korbat - core-bat
Kougra - koo-gra
Kyrii - ki-ree
Lenny - len-ee
Lupe - loop
Meerca - meer-ka
Moehog - mo-hog
Mynci - mwn-sea
Nimmo - nimm-oh
Peophin - pee-oh-fin
Poogle - poo-gull
Pteri - ter-ree
Quiggle - qwig-gull
Scorchio - scorch-ee-oh
Shoyru - shoy-roo
Skeith - skeeth
Techo - teh-koh
Tuskaninny - tusk-a-nin-ee
Uni - you-nee
Usul - ooh-sul
Wocky - wock-ee
Zafara - zaff-ah-ra

Other Words

Neopia - nee-oh-pee-ah
Kauvara - cow-vah-ra
Monoceraptor - mon-ossa-rap-tor
Tyrannia - ti-rain-ee-ah
Maraqua - marr-ack-qwa
Snowager - snow-adge-er
Esophagor - ee-soff-a-gore
Faerie - fair-ee
Guild - gild
Tomato - tom-ah-toe
Cairn - caihn
Borovan - borrow-van
Usuki - oo-suki
Apothecary - apoth-eck-carry
Tombola - tom-bowl-a
Sakhmet - sark-met
Kadoatie - cah-dote-ee

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