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Welcome to Neocloud


Yes I have changed the Welcome message on the home page so it looks much mucc cooler.  I am not sure if I should still keep the two Chia pictures though.

At last!
Yes, The new game Neocloud RPG is done!!!! WAhoooooo.  It's so cool.

Joke of the week
there was a guy walking down a road when he smelled something good. He saw a house and looked through the window. A cake was sitting on the table, all nice and tastey he snuck inside to grab the cake, when thunder and lightening clash, it rains, and it turns to night. The door then opens to reveal... a lenny. The man wipes sweat from his forehead. "Phew, that was Eyrie." The lenny then holds up a picture of a neopet and points to it. "No, this is Eyrie, that was lenny!"
-  joke by eyrieking

Be a staff!


Poll of the month

Things that will come soon -

  • More  games
  • Neocloud RPG
  • The Moon
  • Hidden items                                                                                                                                    

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This NeoCircle is owned by eyrie_kid
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