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Tips for some games...

i only have tips for deckswabber now

DECKSWABBER,well ok to beat deckswabber the easy way you just go around the boarder then keep going in till you get to the center.when you get to the part with the yellow squares just make sure you dont touch the yellow again.the fastest way is to go across the water you wont even get hurt to much if you do. if you have to walk right over those enemies.when you get to level three do the same exepet go around three times.

KORBATS LAB Dr.Sloth has stored all the ingreedents to make his Transmogrification Potions in a mysterious old evil laboratory full of nasty Korbats and Spyders. Your mission is to go in there armed with your trusty bat and smash as many boxes as possible to foil Sloth's evil plans! When the potion bottles drop, pick them up, you never know what will happen! OK the easy way is to just keep your eye on the ball and get those potions who cares if it is bad it will help you out.