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here are some fun stories

                                               The Neocloud
      One day a flock of eyries where flying by in the sky one was a glowing another was a christmas and the last one was a striped there where many more.Then the glowing eyrie discovered something so he desided to check it out it was this odd shaped cloud that flashed in all diferent colors.The he saw all the other clouds turn into neopets.Then the neopet clouds started to get their color.The glowing eyrie told the other eyries about this and they checked it out.Then Kaharo the glowing eyrie's EVIL brother smacked them then they all went flying into that wierd cloud.When they where inside it was a big meado with all the other neopets.The eyries where exited.Then....Kaharo came and ruined everything so one neopet must stop Kaharo...So the next day the eyries went back to the weird cloud.They desided to call it neocloud.When they got into the neocloud they saw only one neopet.It was a gelert the Glowing eyrie desided to play with the gelert.Soon they became buddies.Then an EVIL came to the neocloud the largest evil they had ever seen.*bam Bam shishkaboom*.The other eyries had died..
but one blue eyrie was still ok after a powerfull blast.The eyries where not sure what caused this.But the gelert sniffed where the evil started and he said it came from an evil eyrie.The glowing eyrie knew it must of been kaharo.But the gelert thought it might of been his evil friend steve_ie the glowing eyrie.Suddenly they all heard wierd laughing coming from the other side of the hill.It sounded like a chia
it was it was a clown chia they where so suprised to see a clown chia come by.Then the clown chia hit the glowing eyrie soo hard that he fainted.The rest of thw pet tried to carry him home ut two people wasnt enough becase there was only the blue eyrie and the gelert,the other eyries died from the evil and the other neopets where kidnaped.So it was night so they went home.Then it was the next morning the blue eyrie went to the neocloud and so did the gelert.They still found the dead body of the glowing eyrie so the blue eyrie went back andcame back with healing potion and it helped.The glowing eyrie came back.The gelert said that maybey our owners can become friends.The eyries said yeah.The gelert said that her owner was gelerts_r_kool.The eyries said their master was ray_the_eyrie.So then the owners met and became neofriends.The blue eyrie was still in pain after the evil that struck.So then the gelert went to his owner and got some healing potion but that didnt help because the pain was too great.The glowing eyrie tried to give him some heling potion from ray_te_eyrie and then he came back and the blue eyrie was dead.The glowing eyrie said gelert we are going to have to defeat this evil.Suddenly they heard a cry for help at the way end of the cloud


It was a lupe in trouble so the glowing eyrie and the gelert helped the lupe out and defeated that stupid graal.The three neopets where so curious about all the enemies atacking here.There wasnt suposed to be no evil here but it was everyware.The lupe came from a person called gelerts_r_kool too before the gelert was even born but some one stupid got him when the owner was trying to give it to another one of her accounts and the lupe said he used to be fire but the evil took over him and he lost fire fire color.He said the evil came from a dark eyrie.The glowing eyrie knew it had to of been kaharo.Then alot of enemies came thr three neopet where ready to FIGHT.When they started the pant devil came and started to fire this large beam and knocked out the lupe.The other two neopets tried to attack the pant devil but he was way to fast and strong.Then the pant devil ran off.No one knows who has been sending all these enemies.Then the gelert sniffed out the danger again and the glert found a clue a note that said ''BEWARE'' they were not going to BEWARE they were going to find out who is doing this.The glowing eyrie never knowed where his kaharo lived so he didnt know it kaharo did it or not.The gelert said it was probely steve_ie.Suddenly a weird person came


he said ATTACK they where in their battle potitions the three neopets came and attacked.Suddenly a shoyru came down and said its you!!!


they fighted none stop the other pets fought too and they kicked his butt.they where happy.The other teo neopets asked who are you.The shoyru said I am a shoyru my owner is eygpt_kid.  The glowing eyrie said Oh i know you.  The shoyru said i do too thats why i came to help you.Then an evil lenny was flying above and he droped snowballs. Then the Lenny came down from the sky and said hello.The other four neopets kicked his butt anyway because they knew he was evil.The a farry came down fom the sky and gave the neopets abitilties.The glowing eyrie got
Magic Torch
 The Gelert got
The lupe got
Psychic Blast
the shoyru got
Mote Dance
They were sooo happy now they could beat up more bad guys.

One day a gelert got some magic powers from a LabRay blast.He had the most strongest powers ever.But one day he was walking down the street and noticed a villian.He looked like a chia.Then SuperGelert saw that he was a evil chia pizza boy.So SuperGelert wasnt going to let min steal stuff.
So super gelert came over and said ''hey stop that'' and the evil pizza boy said ''never''.So SuperGelert came over and took out his sword and said ''STOP'' but the evil pizza boy said nope
Then SuperGelert was mad becuase the evil pizza boy wasnt affraid.SuperGelert tried to hit him but he was too fast.But then the evil pizza boy used his zapper to zap SuperGelert.
Then SuperGelert felt weird.He was being zaped!So then super gelert was one the ground laying dead, but he wasnt fully dead he could probelly get up.
Super Gelert was mad!So he tried and tried to get up then he finally got up!
Then the evil pizza chia was mad.So then SuperGelert came up and ne noticed that he lost his sword so he would have to use is fist.
Supergelert won he beat the evil pizza boy chia.
                                                  THE END

                      The Time to be Alive
             Long ago, in a time of troubles in the desert, a queen gave birth to a pair of pups. The desert was currently ruled by gelerts, so I'm guessing you can tell what species the babies were. Anyway, an evil techo scientist named Dr. Cloud and his horrible creation Malthazar came into the peaceful desert city called Marya where the two pups had recently been born. Dr. Cloud (a cloud techo, I forgot to tell you), the instant he arrived in Marya, walked up to the palace. The lupe guards were easily dealt with by Malthazar(mutant lupe). Malthazar blasted down the palace door and marched up to King Haryant (he was gold) and Queen Larcha and demanded the fair desert city. "Hand over control of the city to me. I will see sure that no harm comes your way!" said Dr. Cloud with a smirk. "No! I don't trust you!" sais Lab, the green male gelert pup. ((for those smarty pantses saying he's only a newborn, neopets can talk as soon as they are born so =P)) Shelli, the red female gelert pup, nodded in agreement. "Even if we trusted you, we would not hand the city over to you on a silver platter, just like that!" said Queen Larcha(faerie gelert). "Now leave! Off with you!" said King Haryant, pointing to the door which they had entered. "You have won this time, but heed my word! I will be back! You just wait till next week!" said Dr. Cloud, as him and Malthazar walked off, laughing manically. The city was sure they had seen the last of him, but they were wrong. Next week, on the same day and the same time, Dr. Cloud and Malthazar attacked. Malthazar, being a twisted creation of the mad doctor's, destroyed everything the royal family had known. Bodies lay everywhere. Houses were either piles of rubble or up in flames. The only thing that remained was the palace and the royal family. King Haryant bravely stepped forth, unsheathing the Sword of Marya, and slashing Malthazar with all his might. But all it left was a scar under Malthazar's eye. Haryant was terrified. "TH-the sword... It's b-broken!" he stammered. "Get out! Now!" he said, turning to the queen and his pups. After he said that, Malthazar pounced on him and slashed him once, taking the breath from his lungs. Shelli and Lab began to cry. Queen Larcha realised she was being followed and went to the river behind the palace. The palace collapsed, leaving nothing but rocks and dust. Larcha jumped onto the flimsy boat in the river and paddled away madly. It also had a sail, and luckily the wind was blowing, so in no time they were sailing along the river. Malthazar ran alongside the baot, but Queen Larcha was convinced he couldn't reach teh baot. She was wrong. With minor dificulty, Malthazar leaped from land and in one bound was on the boat. Being as flimsy as it was, it smashed instantly. Larcha was tangled in the sail, and sank with the ship. Shelli and Lab floated down the current. Malthazar paddled fafter them, but Dr. Cloud just called, "Leave them be. They will drown, for sure". They didn't see a small anubis bounding through the dust, a horus high above her. The anubis had sand-colored rings around her eyes. The horus flew above the river, skimming the water's surface. The anubis, who was a graet swimmer, paddled along very quickly until they reached the two pups, struggling to stay above the water. The anubis pushed Shelli along as the horus grabbed Lab by the scruff of the neck and pulled him up a tiny bit. They continued this way until they washed up on the shore of a beach, gasping for breath, starved, freezing and tired, but alive. The horus, who had the most energy left, flew off to find food. Shelli, Lab and the anubis curled up and went to sleep to stay warm. Shelli woke up to the smell of tchea fruits, ummagines, sphinx linx and cheops plants. "Where did you find this?" she asked, watchign teh horus nibble on a cheops. "I went to Sakhmet" he answered simply. Shelli shrugged and ate numerous desert fruits. The anubis, who was the next to wake up, instantly ate some sphinx linx. "Do you have a name?" the anubis asked Shelli. Shelli nodded and said, "I'm Shelli, and that's Lab. What's your name?" "I don't have one" the anubis promptly replied. "Well, you need a name" said Shelli. "How about Mishar?" the anubis, *ahem* Mishar, noded happily, and the two continued to eat. By the time Lab woke up, they were still eating. Shelli and Mishar were marveling at how the horus had gotten so much food. Lab yawned and starting eating a cheops plant. He turned to the horus and said, "Do you have a name?" when the horus nodded, Lab instantly said, "Comet" and continued eating. Over the next few weeks, they'd meet interesting people and their new family, and even discover they had special powers. But that is for another day. This is just the story of how the four met.
              by neocatqueen/gelerts_r_kool

have any questions e-mail me at