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i dont have all the questions and answers down yet.

Q: Who is the bread master in the bakery?
Answer: Kacheek

Q: How often does Chia Bingo refresh itself?
Answer: 10 minutes

Q: Who is the bounty hunter that sells fairies?
Answer: Blashek(sp?)

Q: How much do you win at Guess the Card?
Answer: 5 NP

Q: How many pieces of treasure maps are there?
Answer: 9

Q: What NeoPet is the dealer in blackjack?
Answer: JubJub

Q: What's the maximum number of Neopoints you can bet on blackjack?
Answer: 150 NP

Q: I have two short ears and two long ears. What am I?
Answer: Aisha

Q: How many totems do you need in order to get to Mystery Island?
Answer: 3

Q: Which faerie helped defeat Dr. Sloth?
Answer: Space Faerie

Q: What do you need to use The Alien Aisha Vending Machine?
Answer: a Nerkmid

Q: What is the Battle Faerie's Stallion called?
Answer: Legacy

Q: How many items can you carry at once?
Answer: 40

Q: How many NP do you get when you get a Neopet
Answer: 50
Q: What does the breadmaster say?
Answer: Eata lofa breada day

Q: How much does it cost to put a pet up for adoption?
Answer:  80 (old answer)
New Answer: 120

Q: What character runs Dice-A-Roo?
Answer: Blumaroo

Q: Who is on the cover of Stay Fit?
Answer: Lenny

Q: What is the lowest amount of Neopoints that you can have before you can't take money from the Money Tree?
Answer:  200

Q: What do you have to do in Techo Says?
Answer: Copy what he says

Q: Which of the following isn't a NeoPet?
Answer:  Tigra

Q: What natural disaster happened in the Ice Caves and opened up a route to Tyrannia?
Answer: Earthquake

Q: How many different types of basic Neggs are there?
Answer: 8

Q: In Princess Fernypoos castle, what happened to anybody who beat her?
Answer: They were thrown in the moat

Q: How much does it cost to play Dice-A-Roo?
Answer: 5

Q: How many points do you get if you submit something to the gallery and it is published?
Answer: 1000

Q: Which football team is not in the 1999/2000 English Premier League?
Answer: Manchester City

Q: I have two long ears and I like to bounce around Neopia. What am I?
Answer: blumaroo

Q: What Neopian monarch runs Dice-A-Roo?
Answer: King Roo

Q: Who is known for their mean temper and sharp teeth?
Answer: Jetsam

Q: How much do you win at Guess the Card?
Answer: 5NP

Q: What does the Spider Queen do?
Answer: Attack creatures in her lair

Q: What is the cure for Bubbles?
Answer: Hot Herbal Drink

Q: How many items are you allowed to carry at any one time?
Answer: 50

Q: What is the maximum number of pets you can have at one time?
Answer: 4

Q: If you get 3 apples in a row on Scorchy Slots what do you win?
Answer: 120NP

Q: What is the FIRST name of the bounty hunter who was suspected of selling faeries on the black market?
Answer: Balthazar

Q: I run the Neopian Clothes Shop. What type of NeoPet am I?
Answer: Uni

What does the Tyrannian food shop keeper say?
Answer: Uggh-Ugga-Ugg!

Q: Where is the Trading Post?
Answer: On the Island

Q: What elusive number do you search for during Jubjub blackjack?
Answer: 21

Q: How many different Neocoins are there?
Answer: 6

Q. Who is the founder of VirtuPets?
Answer: Dr. Sloth

Q: What creature does the Monocerous claim to have eaten 16 of in a week?
Answer: Jubjub

Q: The Slot Machine is run by one type of NeoPet, what is it?
Answer:  Scorchio (hence name is Scorchio Slots)

Q: How many different types of Uber-faeries are there?
Answer: 6 (earth water fire dark light and air)

Q: I wear a bell around my neck. What am I?
Answer:  An Aisha (wears a bell around it's neck (well it's an A now, but it used to be a bell before they redrew it ;))

Q: How many numbers are there on each Chia Bingo card?
Answer:  9

Q: Which NeoPet was first found on Mystery Island?
Answer:  Kougra

Q: Who recently started looking after the abandoned NeoPets in the pound?
Answer:  Dr_Death

Q: I have a plaster over my right eye....what am I?
Answer: Kiko

Q: What is the missing word: We won the big --------- award.
Answer:   Horse

Q: How many nerkmids are there?
Answer: 6

Q: Who is the God of Mystery Island?
Answer: Pango Pango

Q:  A Magical Cookie is the cure for what disease?
Answer: Sneezles

Q:  What natural disaster happened in the Ice Caves and opened up a route to Tyrannia?
Answer: Earthquake

Q:  What happens to a Chia if it eats a Pear Chia Pop?
Answer: It turns into a Pear

Q:  What is the name of the Hot Dog salesman in Neopia Central?
Answer: Hubert

Q:  I come from Tyrannia and have 2 wings what am I?
Answer:  Pteri

Q:  What type of NeoPet is Chuffer Bob?
Answer:  Meerca

Q:  Which NeoPet will eat ANYTHING, even PetPets?
Answer:  Skeith

Q:  Airax, Magtile and Ownow are all types of what
Answer:  Tyrannian PetPets

Q:  How many Neopoints do you get if you send in a good idea and we use it?
Answer: 100

Q:  How many Neopoints do you get when you first create an account?
Answer: 500 NP

Q: How many faeries do you win if you get three faeries in a row on Scorchy slots?
Answer: One

Q: What does the Pant Devil do?
Answer: Steal an Item  (and yes, he's done this many times to me =P  )

Q:  How do you calculate the area of a parallelogram?
Answer: base x height

Q:  Where can you find the Wishing Well?
Answer: Neopian Bazaar

Q:  Who is the cool, suave and sophisticated Cheat player?
Answer: Agent OO Hog

Q: Who has been rumored to have stolen all the Neopian faeries?
Answer: Balthazar

Q:  How do you reduce the swelling if your NeoPet is suffering from bloaty feet?
Answer: put on Magical Smelly Socks

Q: Where is the Scratch Card Kiosk?
Answer: Ice Caves

Q: How many levels of difficulty are there in hide and seek?
Answer: 2

Q: Where is the Wheel of Excitement?
Answer: Faerieland

Q. What Neopet was first found in Tyrannia?
Answer: Chomby

Q: What should you never feed a feed a Floud?
Answer: Carrots

Q: Which character runs the Neopian Magic Shop?
A: Kauvara

Q: What does a Royal Flush get you in Neopoker?
A: 10,000NP

Q: If someone asks for your password what should you do?
A: Report them to NeoPets

Q: What type of NeoPet is the runs the Furniture shop in the Neopia Bazaar?
A: Eyrie

Q: How many buttons are on the Alien Aisha Vending Machine?
A: 3 big 6 small

Q: Which faerie DOES exist in Neopia?
A: Space

Q: Which of the following is NOT a game on NeoPets?
A: Scorchy Soccer

Q: How do you turn your NeoPet into a Robot Kacheek?
A: Zap it with the lab ray

Q: At the Neopian National Bank, how many NPs do you need to open a Silver Saver account?
A: 5000

Q: Whose theorem do you use to find the length of any side of a right angled triangle?
A: Pythagoras

Q: At the Gallery of Evil, what is the character on the main page eating?
A: Pikachu  (Is it just me, or is there no character eating a Pokemon anywhere on the Gallery of Evil Page?)

Q: I was once a slave for Dr. Sloth, but the Neopians saved my race. What am I?
A: Grundo

Q: If your NeoPet has NeoPox, what do you need to cure it?
A: NeoPox Pizza

Q: Who is the self-appointed, undisputed ruler of cheat?
A: Spectre

Q: What colour is the Grarrl in Grarrl Keno?
A: Red

Q: What type of NeoPet is Thyassa?
A: Chia

Q.Whats so special about a bloodshrum?
A. It eats small animals

Q: What colour is Capara the Kyriis eye make up?
A: Blue

Q: What two ingredients do you mix together to make a Chicken Roll?
A: Spicy Wings and Hot Cakes

Q: What is the main colour of Kalora the Kaus spotted outfit?
A: Pink

Q: What colour is and Acko (clue: its a petpet)?
A: orange

Q: What type of Neopet is the doctor at the Neopian Hospital?
A: Gelert

Q: How much does it cost to start your own shop?
A: 250

Q: What is the cure for Lumps?
A: Medicinal Mud Bath

Q: The Sargasso Sea can be found in which ocean?
A: Atlantic


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