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here is info about the areas in neopets

Krawk Island
This small island off the southen coast of Mystery Island is inhabited by pirates. Visit Krawk Island for games, a great restaurant, and a swashbuckling academy!

The Lost Desert
Brucey B accidentally discovered the Lost Desert when chasing his lucky coin! Find rich and exotic foods and curious Pet Pets, explore the city of Sakhmet, and play Tug-of-War with the natives!

Prehistoric Neopia was recently discovered miles beneath the Ice Caves.. go there for fun, games, rock concerts, and of course a giant omelette!

A giant castle in the sky, full of games, puzzles, and faeries galore. Poogle Races take place every 15 minutes! Also check out the secret hidden tower... if you can find it!

Terror Mountain
Three lands in one! Firstly you can go to Happy Valley, a snowy hamlet at the foot of the mountain, then traverse your way through the Ice Caves, and lastly to the peak of Terror Mountain itself!

Mystery Island
Kick back and relax at the Mystery Island. With cool games, shops, a trading post, a tour, and even a training school it is a fantastic place for you and your pet to visit. Watch out for the cannibals!

Virtupets Space Station
Evil Dr. Sloth has plans to turn all the NeoPets in Neopia into his mutant slaves! Go to the Space Station and help thwart his evil plans! There are also games to play, things to buy, and much much more...

Haunted Woods
The spooky halloween world! Who knows what evil lurks within these haunted woods! Read scary stories, embark on chilling quests, and beware the beast that lurks behind the tree...


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