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yippee pterattack

Pterattack isn't really a game of skill. The object of the game is to kill those huge flying birds. You do this by pressing to space bar two times per bird. By the way, your the green bird that first appears on the screen.

1) A lot of people tend to go up when they first see the bird on the screen. You don't. Just wait until a bird comes. You can move yourself around by locating the arrows at the right of your keyboard and pressing them in the direction you want to go.
2) If you don't think that you can make a shot, back up a little bit and try again. Most likely you will make a shot.
3) To kill one of those birds, you don't have to aim in a particular place. As long as you hint it's wing, stomach, or head, your fine. It will still do damage.

** If you make over 2500 points, you get a free magical pteri plushie :-D

If you practice practice practice this game, then you will definetly win. If you go to an arcade and play those games with the handheld gun, that may help.

have any questions e-mail me at