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Click Here to Play!      The object of this game is to guide Glubgar the Scorchio as far through the volcano as possible without falling into the lava.  One thing you must look out for is the force shield.  The force Shelid is a blue oval thing.  The force Shield will allow you to crash into a rock without dying.  If you hit a cloud it will slow you down for a few seconds.

Here are a few hints that could help you get a few extra neopoints in this game.  Well the first tip is to pay attention to the game and if a rock  below then go up and if it is up then go benieth it.  Another tip is to keep playing! even if you've played it more then 3 times you can just do it but not send your score.  Thats how i got good at it.

Well to sum this review up I would say that i wish you good luck on winning the game and remember the tips and all about the items you find in the game.

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