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When you see what item you want go down and read the little message on the bottom.

This useful evergreen, ground-cover plant has spreading stems and leaves which often turn reddish in dry conditions.
Feather Weeds
0 in stock

Melon not good enough for you?  Sink your teeth into this beastly 10 pound plantmelon!
This unusual plants roots actually grow above the ground.  The roots often have bright patterns on them, making them just as attractive as the flower itself.
0 in stock

The Mordongos are a funny plant, they dont need soil, water or sunlight to grow, and in fact can live floating in midair.  Most gardeners prefer to keep them bolted down however!
These prickly perennials help keep intruders off the lawn and make interesting fences around your flowers.
Large Thorn Growth
0 in stock

Grows only in dungeons - and glows in the dark!
The Swab Bush is a relatively tall, elegant shrub that is ideal for any garden.
Swab Bush
0 in stock

This fragile beauty can be a challenge to grow.  When it finally blooms, the wait is well worth it.

0 in stock

3 in stock

Spine Vine
1 in stock

10 in stock

This bendy stretchy plant, not only looks great, but it is a great play thing.
Rubber Plant
0 in stock

Capture all of Autumns most amazing colours with these bronze beautys.
Fall Fur Bushes
0 in stock

A present for a loved one!  The Rowzez are a great way to tell somebody your true feelings (and at 95 Neopoints they wont dent your wallet!)
1 in stock

Nobody knows what this is, but it is found just below the surface of the ground, and tastes of cabbage.
0 in stock

If you have choosen click the link only tell me the item you want and thats listed here and if it is out of stock you wont get it.The item should come in a few days.

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